Async programming is here to stay, it has proven that it can handle the load modern applications demand. Starting with async programming can be a total mind shift, once you add scaling to the equation it can get really complex! But why does it need to be so complicated?

Reactive systems are one answer, however, today we’re looking for web-scale, and for this we should consider Vert.x! Vert.x is a toolkit to create distributed reactive applications on the Java Virtual Machine. It lets you build scalable applications transparently distributed in Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Groovy. You don’t have to choose a single language, just mix them!

This session explains how the simple model promoted by Vert.x enables the construction of concurrent, scalable and efficient reactive based applications.

Paulo Lopes

I'm Paulo and I've used my 10+ years of software development experience writing, rewriting, banging my head against the wall, editing and re-editing high-performance web application to make Vert.x an even more awesome framework.

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