One of the productivity features of platforms such as Node.JS is their REPL. Vert.x runs on the JVM however it can still use JJS the JavaScript REPL.

How it works

Given that the bootstraping of the project was done with the nashorn experiment any project can be run on the REPL.

Assuming that the project has already been built as a fat-jar with a pom.xml all it is needed to do is:

  1. Start the REPL: jjs -cp jarfile.jar
  2. Load vert.x into the engine load('classpath:vertx.js');
  3. Load the application: load('main.js');
  4. Profit!

Paulo Lopes

I'm Paulo and I've used my 10+ years of software development experience writing, rewriting, banging my head against the wall, editing and re-editing high-performance web application to make Vert.x an even more awesome framework.

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