Reactive is the new black, Everyone talks about it, everyone wants it! However the definition is quite fuzzy, what does it mean? Reactive Programming? Reactive Systems? Functional Reactive Programming? In this talk, I will focus on the first two: Reactive Programming and Reactive Systems.

Reactive programming has become mainstream in the JavaScript community, both on the server side with NodeJS as well on the frontend side with React.js. Finally it is catching up on the Java community with Vert.x and Spring 5. But are all these platforms, reactive systems? The answer is: No! We will demystify the differences and tear down false believes! This talk is not for the faint of hear! Be prepared to see your stack being put to the test and perhaps it will prevail!


Paulo Lopes

I'm Paulo and I've used my 10+ years of software development experience writing, rewriting, banging my head against the wall, editing and re-editing high-performance web application to make Vert.x an even more awesome framework.

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