Vert.x Hacks

an appropriate application of ingenuity

I’ve been working with GraalVM for a while now mostly on the Polyglot aspect, but some work has been done in the native image support. Today I’d like to share what it is possible right now, spoiler: run a Docker image with size of 38MB and 10MB of RAM!

Once upon the time… Feb 6, 2013… I’ve started implementing the first Redis Client for Eclipse Vert.x.

During this year Face-2-Face meeting of the Eclipse Vert.x project, I’ve presented a small project I was working on for a few weeks. This project, which later became known as ES4X, had the goal to bringing the JavaScript polyglot side of Vert.x a bit more up to date, and to...

Reactive is the new black, Everyone talks about it, everyone wants it! However the definition is quite fuzzy, what does it mean? Reactive Programming? Reactive Systems? Functional Reactive Programming? In this talk, I will focus on the first two: Reactive Programming and Reactive Systems.