Vert.x Hacks

an appropriate application of ingenuity

SubstrateVM, the native image AOT compiler from GraalVM, is one of the hot topics for the java community in the last couple of months. Everyone is excited with small binaries, low resource consumption it brings to the java ecosystem, but is it all true?

It has been an amazing week for ES4X with the first results of the Techempower Benchmark showing the polyglot aspect of Eclipse Vert.x as the 4th fastest framework of them all, and the FASTEST using JavaScript.

During the last couple of weeks I’ve been identifying and documenting what it takes to get Eclipse Vert.x applications to work as GraalVM native images. Until now tweaks and fixes are in place to allow developers to use many common components (bellow you’ll see a small subset of this list),...

I’ve been working with GraalVM for a while now mostly on the Polyglot aspect, but some work has been done in the native image support. Today I’d like to share what it is possible right now, spoiler: run a Docker image with size of 38MB and 10MB of RAM!